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"...absolutely fabulous"
Kerysa Juleff
"...and your landscape gardeners worked tirelessly throughout."
Jenny Saunders
"...really thrilled. She is a very talented garden designer."
Sarah Kendall
"...and I'll miss your landscapers being here. They were a really great bunch."
Felicity Chambers
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Wealden Landscape Designs - Experts in Landscape Garden Design, Garden Construction and Garden Maintenance Services

Wealden Landscape Designs - Speciality Gardens & Features

Over recent years the garden has seen the design boundaries pushed back further than any other “room” in the house. People now embrace the fusion of complex structures, woods and metals, paint, colour, modern aggregates, innovative water features and exotic plantings as a whole. Garden design has become fresh and invigorating once more.

Interestingly at the same time we’ve all become more aware of the natural environment and looking after it. As a result we’re finding that more and more of our customers want to “put something back” and we just love the opportunities this presents. We’re now engaged in re-creating wild flower meadows, wooded areas, native hedgerows and even the old practise of coppicing. We’re implementing planting schemes that encourage a whole host of wildlife to flourish once more. Even in the smallest garden it’s amazing what birds and butterflies can be attracted with careful selective planting.

Read on or call our landscape garden design team to discover how we can elevate your garden to a new level.

Wildlife and Natural Gardens

Our design team love to work in harmony with the environment and would be delighted to incorporate environmentally friendly aspects into your design project. Such aspects might include natural ponds, native hedging, coppicing, woodland areas and wild flowers; plants that attract a wide array of birds, butterflies and bees. We can also incorporate hedgehog shelters, ladybird towers, bee “hotels”, and even ponds with gentle sloping sides to encourage amphibians to come in and out. As well we can also use eco friendly resources such as bark and mulch from sustainable woodlands, organic composts and even rubber chippings from re-cycled tyres. Why not call our landscape garden design team to find out more.

Patios and Decking

When you arrive home from work on a warm summers’ evening is there anything more pleasurable than to relax on your patio or deck with a glass of wine whilst taking in the sights and smells of your wonderful garden? We don’t think so.

We will design and construct the perfect patio, terrace or decking for your property. With a wide and flexible range of design options we can extend your living space to provide a tranquil place to entertain and dine.

By choosing natural materials such as timber and stone matched with our creative planting schemes we promise to create a retreat that’s in perfect harmony with your surroundings. If you prefer we can even take you out of your environment too! Contact our landscape garden design team to find out more.

Water Gardens and Water Features

What is it about the sound of gentle splashing water that instantly creates a feeling of euphoria? It’s no wonder then that we are asked to feature water into our designs more and more. And that’s great because we love water gardens and water features too! The beauty of a water feature is that it brings a garden to life. As well as providing sound, water has the wonderful property of reflecting light enabling us to create dramatic lighting effects.

We can design water features in all shapes and sizes from simple fish ponds to pieces of “contemporary art” using materials such as stainless steel, glass, slate and stone. And why not go further? By combining your water feature with subtle lighting, it will transcend your garden to a different level in the evenings too.

Why not contact our landscape garden design team now to understand how we can use water to enhance your garden?

Garden Lighting

We find it amazing but external garden lighting as we know it now was practically non-existent a short time ago. But with the advent of contemporary design, lighting schemes now feature outside just as dramatically as they do within the home.

There is a wide range of styles available which we can incorporate into your landscape garden design. And since your new garden design is an investment, it makes sense to get the most use out of it. By using stylish lighting you can maximise the use of your garden whilst at the same time adding another dimension to your enjoyment experience. Call our landscape garden design team to find out more.

Pergolas and Arbours

Whether made of metal or wood, a pergola, gazebo or arbour will provide an interesting and aesthetic vertical element to your garden. They can also act as a focal point. Our pergolas, gazebos and arbours are beautifully made and we can incorporate them into your garden as gateways, features or places to sit beneath.  And they make the perfect support structure for vines and lovely climbers.

Please call our landscape garden design team to understand how we can add structure to enhance your garden.

Children’s and Activity Gardens

There is perhaps no better sound than that of children’s laughter and where better than from a warm sunny garden. The ideal children’s garden should provide a safe haven with places to play, hide, explore and learn. We can create a garden to incorporate swings, slides, trampolines, climbing frames, play houses, tree houses and sand pits. And how about a small garden patch of their own to grow sweet peas, sunflowers, a few vegetables and some fruit. You never know they could become avid gardeners in the future and we’re always on the lookout for new recruits! Get in touch with our landscape garden design team now to find out how we can create that little area of magic for your children.

Swimming Pools

It may be due to climate change or we’re just becoming more affluent but more and more people are looking to incorporate a swimming pool into their garden design. But as a significant investment it pays to ensure you choose a company with considerable experience in major landscape construction. Using the latest build techniques we have all the skills in-house to design and build your swimming pool to the most exacting standards whilst ensuring that it remains sympathetic to your overall garden landscape design. And just as with our other garden maintenance services you can rely on us to maintain your pool so that it will provide many years of pleasure to come. If you would like to know more then talk to our landscape garden design team.

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